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Gayathri has been a brilliant and deserving student since her school days. She excelled in her studies overcoming all the obstacles of poor family conditions. Her father is an auto driver who toiled hard to educate gayathri despite his hard-earned income which is hardly sufficient for his family of five. She secured 80% in her 12 STD board exams fighting all odds. But the real struggle started afterwards…..

Higher education has been a distant dream for an auto driver’s daughter in India who struggle to make both ends meet. In practical, the complex formalities centered around getting an educational loan drives away many simple people like Gayathri’s father from getting it accomplished. As many other needy people who fall as prey into the hands of indenters who charge unpayable interest rates, Gayathri’s father too borrowed money to join her daughter in a college where she wished to pursue her higher studies.

Gayathri’s father could manage for 2 years and gayathri was studying with big dreams in her eyes. All was going fine until a fine morning when the indebter seized the auto for not paying the interest in time. The family came to a financial standstill, needless to mention about gayathri’s unpaid college fees and all her big dreams suddenly became a question mark. She strived hard to find any possible means and had managed to contact VELICHAM STUDENT HELPLINE NO. 9698151515.

She was in VELICHAM office next day with eyes full of hope and tears. Her urgent requirement of Rs.10,000 tuition fees was taken to the notice of affordable and kind-hearted people in the VELICHAM network by Ms.Sherin. The cause was taken due care of by concerned people who got to know about VELICHAM through its posters circulated around the Chennai city. Soon there were donations from them who do not even wish to reveal about their identity in this post. VELICHAM diverted the full final year fees for Gayathri’s studies in no time.

Now, Gayathri is back in her John Bosco Arts & Science college with all those big dreams and added happiness that she will come out with flying colors in next few months.

VELICHAM STUDENTS take this opportunity to express their unboundful gratitude to those who devoted their time and money to this noble cause.

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